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It is our intent to help families resolve their disputes in a way that reduces conflict and helps everyone involved move on with their lives. We are here to support you and are focused on finding the best resolution for your legal matter.

When you are experiencing a breakdown of your relationship and disputes arise over children or financial and property matters, the stakes are extremely high. It is important to have the best law firm in Melbourne on your side to ensure your interests are protected and to fight for what you are entitled to.

Our family lawyers are renowned for helping families resolve difficult disputes and we aim to take as much stress away from you as possible. We will instil confidence in you so that you can have peace of mind in knowing that someone has your back. We offer considered legal action to help you resolve your matters quickly and cost-effectively.

Family matters can be greatly exacerbated when there are jointly owned property or businesses to consider, or if violence or domestic abuse is a factor.

Our compassionate and dedicated Melbourne family lawyers have the expertise and experience to assess your unique personal situation and help you set goals and formulate a strategy that will achieve your desired outcome.

We always recommend trying to resolve matters through mediation and effective negotiation strategies before escalating to litigation, which can be emotionally and financially draining for everyone involved.

If your case requires court intervention, we will be ready to assist you and will support you throughout the entire process. Attwood Marshall Lawyers have successfully conducted many complex cases in Family Law Courts, the State Magistrates and Local Court, and we are highly respected in the industry.

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Our family law firm in Melbourne can support you with:


Providing expert legal advice to assist you with filing for divorce or responding to a divorce application.

Property Disputes & Spousal Maintenance

Dividing property and negotiating spousal maintenance when a relationship breaks down can be severely emotionally charged issues. It can be a complex process to determine what is fair to both parties. We are here to help you negotiate with your former partner and will assist you with formalising your property settlement.

Parenting Disputes

Matters relating to children are one of the most sensitive areas of family law. Our team understand the difficulties of these types of disputes and it is our focus to help you negotiate effectively with your former partner so that an agreement can be made as quickly as possible, and any arrangement is in the best interests of the children.

Financial Agreements

Establishing a financial agreement early on in your relationship can give both partners peace of mind. Financial agreements help reduce the risk of a property dispute arising if the relationship breaks down, which can be extremely stressful and expensive to resolve. Our Melbourne family lawyers can prepare and review financial agreements to ensure your best interests are protected. Financial agreements can be entered into before a de facto relationship or marriage commences, at any stage during the relationship, or after separation or divorce.

Child Support

Child support is a payment made from one, or both, parents to the other, to help with the cost of raising and caring for children. Parents have a primary duty to support their children and child support should give consideration to daily living costs, education fees, medical-related expenses and health care costs, and any other costs associated with extra-curricular activities.

Domestic & Family Violence

Family and domestic violence is an extremely prevalent issue. We are here to help you if you need support or protection. For help, call our team any time on our 24/7 phone line by calling 1800 621 071.

Attwood Marshall Lawyers Melbourne – your local family law experts

When you are facing contentious issues, it is imperative to have an expert team behind you.

We promise you:

  • A dedicated team who practice exclusively in family law.
  • Over 65 years’ combined experience. Our team leverage off the expert knowledge of Special Counsel, Michael Twohill – a fierce courtroom advocate, and Senior Associate Hayley Condon, who has extensive experience in all aspects of Family Law. Michael and Hayley are supported by a tenacious team.
  • Attwood Marshall Lawyers is an all service law firm. This gives our family lawers an advantage as they are supported by other specialist departments who are able to assist with any overlapping issues that arise for our clients. This can include reviewing your Will or Power of Attorney documents after separation, assisting with the transfer, purchase or sale of property or business-related matters.

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