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As a dedicated family law firm in Sydney, we have a team of experienced professionals on hand who practice exclusively in this field of law. It is our intent to help families resolve disputes effectively so that they can move on with their lives with as little conflict as possible. 

These matters involve some of life’s most challenging fights. When you are faced with divorce, property settlements, or parental disputes over children, you need to take considered legal action with the support of a family lawyer who knows what matters most to you.

At Attwood Marshall Lawyers, we recognise that no two cases are the same.

Our Sydney family law team aim to listen and connect with you so that they can understand your personal situation and help you set goals and formulate a plan to achieve your desired outcome in the most affordable way.

We use dispute resolution and negotiation strategies in order to do our best to avoid litigation, which can be financially and emotionally exhausting for everyone involved.

In cases where litigation is required, our team are always ready to support you throughout the process. Our reputation is highly regarded in the industry and we have successfully represented many clients that have been involved in complex cases in Family Law Courts, the State Magistrates and Local Court.

Our empathetic and compassionate Sydney family lawyers have the experience and expertise to assist you with all family related matters, including the most sensitive and urgent cases involving domestic and family violence.

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Our Sydney family lawyers can help with:


Providing expert legal advice to assist you with preparing and lodging, or responding to, an Application for Divorce.

Property Disputes & Spousal Maintenance

When your relationship comes to an end, you need to divide shared property, and there is no set formula as to how property is to be divided. It is important to seek independent legal advice and get assistance to negotiate in an effective way to ensure the property division is fair and that your property settlement is documented in a legally binding way.

Parenting Disputes

Disputes over children can be one of the most sensitive and challenging areas of family law. Our Sydney family lawyers understand the difficulties parents face when their relationship breaks down. It is our intent to help parents negotiate effectively so that they can reach an agreement about their children, including living arrangements, whilst focusing on what is in the best interests of the children.

Financial Agreements

Financial Agreements can help couples set out the way some, or all, of their assets will be divided in the event their relationship comes to an end. Financial Agreements can also include spousal maintenance. By establishing an agreement early on, it can reduce the risk of a property dispute arising down the track, which can be stressful and costly for everyone involved. Our experienced Sydney family lawyers can draft and review Financial Agreements to ensure your best interests are protected.

Child Support

Parents have a primary duty to support their children. When two parents separate, child support is usually required to be paid by one parent to the other, to continue to financially support a child’s living expenses, education costs, health and medical expenses, and any other costs associated with extra-curricular activities or similar. Child support is a periodic payment which is determined by an assessment or an agreed amount.

Domestic & Family Violence

Our compassionate team are here to support you in your time of need. Put a stop to violence and reach out for assistance by calling our 24/7 phone line on 1800 621 071. We’re here to help.

Your leading Sydney family law team

At Attwood Marshall Lawyers, our difference is that, unlike generalist law firms, we have a specialist team that practices exclusively in this complex area of law.

We combine the expert knowledge of Senior Associate Hayley Condon, who has over 16 years’ extensive experience in all aspects of family law, and Family Law Special Counsel Michael Twohill – a fierce courtroom advocate with over 40 years’ experience, supported by a team of compassionate and driven family lawyers and paralegals who will give you all their time, attention, and expertise to support you when you need it most.

As an all-service legal business, we also have specialist teams covering all areas of law. When you are dealing with a family law-related matter, you usually have overlapping legal issues you may need to consider. Whether you need to update your Will, appoint a new Enduring Guardian, sell your property, or restructure your business, we can help you.

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