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As a dedicated Sydney family law firm, we have a team of experienced family lawyers who practice exclusively in this complex field. It is our intent to provide the best family law services in Sydney to help people resolve their disputes effectively so that they can restore peace within the family unit and move forward with their lives.

Family law matters involve some of life’s most sensitive and challenging fights. When you are faced with separation, divorce, a property settlement, parental disputes over children, or domestic and family violence, you need to take considered legal action with the support of a family lawyer who knows what matters most to you and the best way to achieve your goals.

At Attwood Marshall Lawyers, we recognise that no two family law matters are the same and no two families are the same.

Our family lawyers in Sydney will listen and connect with you so that they can gain an understanding of your personal situation and help you formulate a plan to achieve your desired outcome in the most cost effective manner.

Our family lawyers will begin by using alternative family dispute resolution and negotiation strategies to try to avoid litigation and family court.

We understand that going to family law court can be financially and emotionally exhausting for everyone involved, so it is always best to try to resolve family law matters at the earliest opportunity.

In cases where litigation is required, your family lawyer will be ready to support you throughout the legal process. Our family law specialists have a reputation which is highly regarded in the industry, having helped families through their toughest times for over 75 years. 

Our empathetic and compassionate Sydney family law specialists also have the experience and expertise to assist with urgent cases involving domestic violence and family violence and complex family law cases.

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Our Sydney family lawyers can help with:


Our Sydney divorce lawyers can help you put a formal legal ending to your marriage and provide expert advice to assist you with preparing and lodging, or responding to, an Application for Divorce.

Property Disputes & Spousal Maintenance

When a couple goes their separate ways, you need to divide shared property, and there is no set formula as to how to determine who should get what. Property settlements and spousal maintenance are family law matters that often provoke heightened emotions. Having a family lawyer assist you through the process can help both parties reach a fair agreement sooner. It is important to seek independent legal advice and get assistance to negotiate in an effective way to ensure the property settlement is legally binding.

Parenting Disputes & Child Custody

Disputes over children and child custody can be one of the most sensitive and challenging areas of family law. Our Sydney family lawyers understand the difficulties parents face when their relationship breaks down and they need to negotiate parenting arrangements. It is our intent to help parents negotiate Parenting Consent Orders and Parenting Plans effectively so that they can reach an agreement about their children, including where they will live and what expenses need to be considered, whilst focusing on what is in the best interests of the children. When you are involved in a dispute over parenting arrangements, you need the best family lawyers on your side to help resolve the matter effectively and help all parties involved move on peacefully.

Financial Agreements

Binding Financial Agreements can help couples set out the way some, or all, of their assets will be divided in the event their relationship comes to an end. Binding Financial Agreements can also cover spouse maintenance and child support payments. By establishing an agreement early on, it can reduce the risk of a family law property dispute or financial disputes arising down the track, which can be stressful and costly for everyone involved. Our experienced Sydney family lawyers can draft and review binding financial agreements to ensure your best interests are protected and the agreement meets all legal requirements.

Child Support

Parents have a primary duty to support their children. When two parents separate, child support is usually required to be paid by one parent to the other, to continue to financially support a child's living expenses, education costs, health and medical expenses, and any other costs associated with extra-curricular activities or similar. Child support payments are periodic payments which are determined by an assessment or an agreed amount.

Domestic & Family Violence

Our family law firm is here to support you and your family in your time of need. Put a stop to domestic and family violence and reach out for assistance by calling our 24/7 phone line on 1800 621 071. We're here to help.

Meet our Family Law team

At Attwood Marshall Lawyers, our difference is that, unlike generalist law firms or boutique family law firms, we have family law specialists that practice exclusively in this complex field. Our family law team is also supported by other specialist legal departments. This is a significant advantage for our family law clients as there are often overarching legal issues you need assistance with when you are facing divorce, separation, financial challenges, and other complex family law matters. 

The family law team is led by Senior Associate Hayley Condon, who has over 20 years’ extensive experience in all aspects of family law. Hayley is a member of the Law Council of Australia (Family Law Section) and Family Law Practitioners Association and she has also been acknowledged by her peers as a finalist in the Women in Law Awards 2022 for Senior Associate of the Year (SME Law). In addition to family law, Hayley is also highly skilled at estate planning. She is supported by a team of compassionate and driven senior family lawyers, associates, and paralegals who will give you all their time, attention, and expertise to support you when you need.

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Family Law

Where to start when you are separating

If you’re in the early stages of separation, download our checklist for guidance on the initial steps to take and key things to consider.

Family Law FAQs

Married couples must be separated for at least 12 months before an Application for Divorce can be made in Australia.

To apply for divorce, you must satisfy at least one of the below criteria:

  • You are an Australian citizen;
  • You ordinarily reside in Australia;
  • You consider Australia to be your home and it is your intention to live in Australia indefinitely;
  • You have lived in Australia for 12 months immediately preceding filing the divorce application.

If you need assistance with your application, or have factors you need to discuss which may complicate your divorce application, contact our Sydney divorce lawyers to discuss your specific circumstances on 1800 621 071.

Yes. Both parties involved do not need to agree to obtain a divorce. Anyone seeking a divorce can do so with or without the consent or cooperation of their former spouse. Our divorce lawyers Sydney can help guide you through the application process and help you navigate any overlapping issues that arise during separation and divorce. Call our divorce law firm any time on 1800 621 071.

If you want to apply for divorce but have not been married for a minimum of 2 years, there are some additional steps you will need to take, including:

  • Attending mediation with your spouse with a court approved family and child mediator to discuss reconciliation. If you cannot attend the mediation for any reason, you will be required to file an affidavit outlining the reasons why counselling is not suitable.
  • After attending the mediation, you will then need to file a certificate completed by the counsellor with your divorce application.

There are special circumstances that may allow you to file an application seeking the court’s permission to proceed with the divorce within 2 years of the marriage. To discuss your unique circumstances, contact our Sydney family lawyers any time on 1800 621 071.

Every matter is dealt with based on its own unique circumstances. A property settlement may not necessarily mean each party receives 50 per cent of the asset pool.

In determining how the asset pool should be divided for family law clients, a court will consider:

  1. The value of the property pool, including assets and liabilities
  2. The contributions of both parties, including financial and non-financial contributions
  3. The future needs of both parties, including their age, health, income earning capacity, if either party are required to care for children, etc.
  4. If the division is considered just and equitable or if an adjustment should be made.

No. Property settlements and divorce are two separate matters. You can proceed with negotiating a property settlement immediately following separation. If you would like to get your matter underway or find out what type of financial settlement may apply to your specific circumstances, speak to one of our Sydney family lawyers today by calling 1800 621 071.

When determining child custody arrangements, the objective is to determine what is in the child’s/children’s best interests.

Under Australian law, the following will be considered:

  • the benefit to the child/children of having a meaningful relationship with both of their parents; and
  • the need to protect the child from physical harm, psychological harm, abuse, neglect, or family violence.

If you are concerned about coming to an agreement with your former spouse or de facto partner about child custody arrangements or any other family law matter, contact our Sydney family lawyers for a confidential discussion on 1800 621 071.

A binding financial agreement is a document that is designed to protect the assets of each partner, establishing a mutual understanding as to who gets what in the event the relationship ends.

Both parties require independent legal advice from a family lawyer when entering into an agreement. The agreement can be entered into at any stage of the relationship. By documenting a property settlement by way of a binding financial agreement, you will not require the approval of the family co

Child support is designed to ensure the wellbeing of a child is properly maintained and that both parents are meeting their financial obligations to support their child/children.

It should help cover expenses such as medical and health expenses, living expenses including food and clothing, education, and extra-curricular activities.

In order to determine who should pay support, a child support assessment will be made which will identify how much support should be paid and who is responsible to pay support to whom.

Child support payments usually end when a child turns 18 years old.

Yes. Under the Family Law Act, you can apply for a property settlement, or maintenance if:

  • the de facto relationship lasted for at least two years; or
  • you share a child as a result of the de facto relationship; or
  • you made substantial contributions to the assets or the welfare of the family; or
  • the de facto relationship was registered.

Our specialist family lawyers in Sydney will be able to help you understand if you are eligible to apply for a property settlement and spouse maintenance, and what you will likely be entitled to. Each family law matter is determined on its own facts and merit, therefore it is important to speak to a specialist family lawyer at the earliest opportunity to discuss your unique circumstances.

Urgent! Update your Will and Enduring Power of Attorney and review your estate planning

It is critical to review your estate planning after separation:

  • Ensure your Will is changed immediately, otherwise your ex-spouse may inherit everything if you pass away;
  • Revoke any existing Enduring Power of Attorney to your spouse and replace it with a new one;
  • Look at any jointly-owned property or bank accounts and sever the joint tenancy for property (bank accounts should be split into individual accounts);
  • If you have completed any binding nominations in your superannuation or life insurance (death cover) policies and/or Self-Managed Superannuation Funds, ensure these are updated;
  • Check on the control of any business entities, such as companies and trusts, to see if any assets need protecting from being sold or transferred.

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