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As leading dispute resolution specialists, our Sydney dispute resolution lawyers understand how disrupting it can be to your life when you are involved in a commercial dispute. We aim to help you resolve cases quickly and cost-effectively so that you can move on with your life.

We have a dedicated Sydney team that practices exclusively in litigation and dispute resolution. Our lawyers tailor their approach to best suit the complexity and nature of each matter. We can investigate your matter promptly and provide you with practical, trusted legal advice on the options available to you. You will be kept up to date every step of the way!

We are able to act for large entities right through to individuals and small businesses across all industries.

We always do our best to resolve disputes through alternative processes with a view to avoid costly court cases. However, in cases where litigation is necessary, our team have extensive experience in all major courts.

Our commercial litigation lawyers are experts in their field and are led by Law Society Accredited Specialist in Dispute Resolution, Charles Lethbridge. Our team will always be approachable and accessible. We are passionate about fighting for your rights and helping you achieve the most favourable outcome possible.

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Our Sydney dispute resolution lawyers can help with:

Property Disputes

If you are involved in a disagreement, we can provide you with expert advice and trusted representation to protect your interests, whether you are a tenant, landlord, real estate agent, buyer, seller, or body corporate. We are also able to assist with lodging or removing caveats.

Building & Construction

Our lawyers provide legal advice and assistance to resolve situations relating to real estate defects, contract variations, warranty insurance claims, home building contracts, contractor rights and protections, quality of workmanship disputes, and late or non-payment for completed work. Building disputes can cause significant delays to construction, not to mention financial and emotional stress. We aim to resolve cases quickly so that we reduce the risk of delays and excessive costs. We can represent homeowners, construction companies, engineers, builders, or contractors.

Professional Negligence

If a professional has failed to meet the required industry standard and deliver you competent advice or services, you may be able to claim damages for any financial loss you have suffered. Suing a professional for negligence is not an easy task. Our commercial litigation lawyers in Sydney can assess your claim immediately to determine your prospects of success.

Banking, Finance & Insurance Disputes

If you have received bad financial advice or have had your insurance claim denied by your insurer, we can help you understand your rights and seek the compensation you may be entitled to.

Contract & Consumer Disputes

If you have purchased a faulty product or used a service that was not up to standard, or if you are a service provider who has entered into a contract with another business or individual and a dispute has arisen over the contract, we can help you understand your contractual obligations and what steps you need to take to protect your rights.

Company & Business Disputes (including Partnership Disputes)

Our Sydney dispute resolution lawyers use effective strategies to bring all parties together to openly communicate with each other with a view to resolving cases quickly and cost-effectively, keeping the focus on a commercially sensible outcome. When you resolve a disagreement quickly, you reduce the impact the dispute may have on the company and its operations. Our lawyers can also assist with negotiating buyouts, resolving shareholder oppression issues and debt recovery.

Liquidation & Bankruptcy

Attwood Marshall Lawyers can help you and your company navigate insolvency, liquidation and bankruptcy. If you are being pursued by a bankruptcy trustee or liquidator, our Sydney litigation lawyers can support you throughout the process and help you formulate a recovery plan.

We also represent clients for:

When a dispute arises over your intellectual property, it is important to seek representation from an experienced intellectual property disputes lawyer who can help you guard your intellectual capital and protect your brand.

Our Sydney dispute resolution lawyers can assist you with disputes related to copyright, patents, trademark infringement, domain names, designs, and breaches of confidential information.

Attwood Marshall Lawyers can assist landlords, homeowners, and tenants with resolving residential and commercial leasing disputes.

We can assist with:

  • Recovering unpaid rent
  • Evicting a residential tenant
  • Disputes over fair wear and tear to properties
  • Disputes over property damage
  • Disputes over water leaks
  • Disputes related to structural issues
  • Rental relief against forfeiture
  • Market rental review disputes

Whether you need to recover money from an individual or a business, our lawyers are committed to providing you with efficient and cost-effective debt recovery solutions.

If you believe you have a defamation claim and you have suffered damages as a result of another person’s actions, or slander, contact our Sydney defamation lawyers on 1800 621 071. Our team will help you understand the steps you need to take to protect your reputation and enforce your rights.

Trusts used for business or personal transactions can be extremely complex legal structures. Attwood Marshall Lawyers have extensive experience in resolving disputes that arise over trusts and our team are ready to assist you, no matter how complex the dispute may be.

Disputes between body corporates, committee members, and lot owners, or third parties, are relatively common. Our team offer a wealth of experience in resolving body corporate disputes and can help you resolve your dispute quickly and effectively.

Attwood Marshall Lawyers have extensive experience in prosecuting and defending clients involved in class actions. A class action involves seven or more people, who are making a claim against the same defendant, collectively seeking compensation for their losses.

There are advantages to class actions in that this type of claim can allow people to reduce their legal costs and speed up the legal process. To find out if you are eligible to commence a class action, contact our Sydney team on 1800 621 071.

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