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If you are a victim of any form of abuse that took place at an institution (physical, psychological or sexual), Attwood Marshall Lawyers is the trusted law firm on the Gold Coast for expert advice and support.

Attwood Marshall Lawyers opened its doors in 1946. Our team has remained the leaders in providing services for those who have been injured, abused or have been a victim of discrimination. At the core of everything we do is the drive to help people and support those in the community who need it most.

We stand up for victims who have been abused by a person or by a party in a position of power. The devastating effect of abuse can change the course of a victim’s life and can alter their mental state and ability to navigate the world around them.

Our lawyers will fight for the rights and support you deserve. We assist victims of abuse, no matter when the abuse occurred, or who was responsible for it.

Our abuse lawyers are qualified to listen and connect with you to truly understand what you are wanting to achieve. We take the time to understand your story.

During this time, there can be a lot of emotions involved, and we understand the stress you may feel in sharing your personal experiences. That’s why we give you the attention and support you need to get through it, all with expert guidance at your disposal.

All information we receive remains confidential, so you can have peace of mind from start to finish.

No Win, No Fee Gold Coast Lawyers

Attwood Marshall Lawyers offer a No Win, No Fee guarantee for all abuse claims, so you only pay costs if you win your case and receive compensation. There are no upfront fees. We provide a free, no-obligation discussion to learn about your case and assess what you are entitled to. You can meet our team at any of our conveniently located offices on the Gold Coast at Robina Town Centre, Coolangatta or Kingscliff, or connect with us by phone or Zoom.

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Abuse Claims – Frequently Asked Questions

Abuse claims are put forward against an individual or institution that is responsible for the abuse. These claims are usually made against people or entities including:

  • The person/s who committed the abuse – whether priests, members of the public, employers, relatives, foster parents, school teachers, sporting coaches, or someone else.
  • Churches and religious institutions
  • Australian Defence Force (ADF) – Army, Navy, RAAF
  • Primary schools, high schools and universities
  • Boys homes
  • Juvenile detention centres
  • Orphanages
  • Government Departments
  • Kindergartens, preschools and childcare centres
  • Employers, businesses, companies, workplaces
  • Detention centres and prisons
  • Other institutions

In Queensland, there are no time limits that apply to make a claim if you are a victim of abuse. In QLD, the previous three-year time limitation (i.e. three years from your 18th birthday) for cases involving victims of child sexual abuse was recently abolished.

It no longer matters how long ago the abuse happened – victims of child sexual abuse or historical abuse can bring a claim from any point in time forward for compensation.

We encourage you to contact Attwood Marshall Lawyers when you feel comfortable to do so. We’ll discuss your situation with you and determine your benefits to claim compensation for the abuse you endured.


Historically, abuse claims have often included very minimal reparations, empathy or understanding. Victims used to face issues when trying to prove the incident happened, many years after the event took place. Even in cases where abuse was proven, the compensation awarded was often not enough to cover the extensive abuse the victim had gone through.

This is no longer the case and those challenges have since been eliminated. Survivors now have easier access to compensation, justice and vindication.

When you make a claim for abuse with Attwood Marshall Lawyers, we guide you through each step and support you through the entire journey. In addition to our professional lawyers, we provide access to top-class abuse barristers, support groups, counsellors, psychiatrists, GPs, specialists, liability specialists, police, investigators and other necessary parties.

We encourage you to obtain legal advice as soon as you feel ready to do so.

We will help you with the steps necessary to proceed with your claim.

While there are no guarantees, most abuse claims are rectified out of court at settlement conferences – here we confidentially talk on your behalf, so you don’t have to (unless you want to tell your story).

Abuse claims can take anywhere from 6 to 18 months. Once we understand your situation, we can provide you with a realistic idea of the likely time frame your claim will take.

The value of compensation you can claim is based on many factors that are relevant to your unique situation and circumstances.

Compensation usually includes pain and suffering, wage and income loss, treatment and medical costs, care and support or home-help costs.  Depending on the extent and type of claim, you may be able to claim a contribution towards your legal fees from the defendant.

Attwood Marshall Lawyers are known for their reputable services, acting on behalf of injured and victimised people on the Gold Coast for 75 years.

Our lawyers are specialists in their field, and are trained to listen and connect with you to make sure that we understand your situation and what matters most to you.

We operate on a No Win, No Fee model.

We know it can be stressful and confronting for abuse survivors to seek justice. We are your support system and will fight for your rights; we will ensure we achieve the best possible result, with as minimal stress to you in the shortest timeframe possible.

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